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Internet discussion boards are full of threads initiated by those seeking resolution to ODFB synchronization issues. In the case of instances where ODFB cannot connect to the SharePoint resource at all, contributions from Microsoft employed technicians always seem to revolve around a complex and time consuming process of clearing caches and reinstalling ODFB. 


This misses a fundamental point. If the user login to the client machine uses Microsoft on-line authentication the machine will already have a Credential Manager entry for that authentication. In any attempt to install ODFB the software will assume that the existing authentication should be used and the installer will not ask for SharePoint on-line authentication. The result will be that ODFB will not be able to connect to the SharePoint site.


The answer to this is fairly simple. Before starting the install of ODFB (if it's already installed it will need to be uninstalled) open Credential Manager and remove any entries. Use Account Settings to unlink from One Drive (formerly Sky Drive) and unlink the PC login from the Microsoft on-line authentication. This process will create a local login authentication. 


Now install ODFB. The installer will ask for login to SharePoint on-line, the install will complete and the replication should work fine.


Be aware that unlinking the machine from Microsoft's on-line authentication will prevent the PC from replicating to One Drive (formerly Sky Drive) and PC recovery from that resource will no longer be possible. 


If this is an issue you can relink the PC to One Drive and to the Microsoft on-line authentication after the ODFB is working. This will add new content to the Credential Manager, but as the SharePoint authentication is already established it should not interfere with ODFB replication. 


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