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Further sync issues with ODFB: Quick Solution

 Three weeks ago I published a quick fix for a particular ODFB issue ( and the item generated quite a lot of interest, so I thought that I'd share my latest ODFB issue and solution.

Today after a MS update my ODFB stopped working.
A check showed this to be credentials again, so I followed my own advice and opened Credentials Manager only to be met with an error message - 0x80070425: error message - credential manager cannot accept control message at this time
Being short of time to spend on the issue I elected to allow ODFB to run a repair and left the machine to get on with it.
When I returned some hours later I discovered that the repair had been unsuccessful, so I again attempted to reset the credentials and still got the same error.
I tried a restart and still got the same error. I Googled the error message and discovered that for some reason the Credential Manager service had become disabled. I can only attribute this to the upgrade.

The following steps resolved the Service issue -

1. In the search box type “Services”
3. Right click on “Services” and select “Run as Administrator”
4. In the Services Window, look for Credential Manager Service and “Stop” it.
5. Restart the computer and “Start” the Credential Manager Service and set it to “Automatic”.
6. Restart the computer. Then I changed the password in credentials manager for my SharePoint access and ODFB started working.

 And I understood that Windows 10 and O365 were designed to reduce dependence in technical knowledge!!!! I guess I should think again  

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