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Office 2016: Save to a Cloud Resource

O365 is a tremendous resource. It can serve a business better when SharePoint on-line libraries are used as a repository for files and documents on which collaboration is required.

Instead of circulating documents for input by different users, simply save them to a SharePoint library where selected personnel can access them for update.

Office 2016 will save by default to a wherever the current document was opened from, even if that is SharePoint or another cloud resource. If the document is new, Office 2016 will revert to ‘Save As’ mode and ask the user where to save. If a document has been opened from the local machine, the user will need to use ‘Save As’ in order to redirect the save to SharePoint.

Using ‘Save As’

Click or tap ‘File’ in the top left corner of the Document window

And select ‘Save As’.

The user can select from here the resource they want to save to. The most important resources are the top items under the ‘Save As’ logo, these are the cloud resources.

To the right are a list of recently used folders, topped by the ‘Current Folder’, that is where the file or document was opened from.

Clicking or tapping the ‘Sites’ item for the corporate site will change the screen to show something similar to that below.

Once again the right column will show recently used resources, but the lowest item is the folder for the whole cloud resource.

If the required destination is not listed in the right column, click on the whole site folder at the bottom.

This will open the web resource ‘Save As’ dialog –

Select the site from the Sites and Workspaces grouping


And from the ‘All Site Content’ chose the library which will be the destination for this document.



1.     This assumes that the user has Internet access

2.     Also that the user has been granted write access to the SharePoint site and library

3.     If the library has ‘check in/check out’ enabled the user will be prompter to check on opening and check in on closing

4.     If the library has ‘Approval’ enabled the document will not be visible to other users until ‘Approval’ has been granted

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