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Office 365 Guides from Chris A Watkins

Microsoft products are not priceless jewels, some are good and some are not so good. Many are expensive to the point where they require a great deal of thought and planning before a viable business case can be made for thier use. Many are so low in price that users never see the real potential of thier scope.  There are two aspect of every Microsoft product that can be taken for granted -

1. So long as Microsoft keep a product 'in life' it will be supported and developed

2. You can be sure that every Microsoft product in use has hundreds of thousands to millions of users. This means that you can be sure that someone out there has experienced the same issues as you and there is every possibility that a solution has been posted, discussed and analysed.

Why is Office 365 Different?

While ffox Software has no affiliation to Microsoft and does not market the Office 365 product we do have a long history of the provision of computer solutions to business processes. This includes the identification and sourcing of the most cost effective hardware and software products for customers. this means we know a good deal when we see one.

When a business decides to computerise a function it is simply deciding to implement a different tool to perform a task and achieve an end result. It doesn't matter if the function is invoicing, debt control, ordering or secretarial, the equipment and software employed will be required to aid the physical process and keep track of items in the system.

With the exception of businesses in IT no-one ever made money by deploying a computerised system, the best that can be hoped for is a cost saving.  

A viable business case is only made when it can be shown that the computerised system is cost effective. That is it either saves time, or it saves money.

During the deployment of a computerised system, one or more people will learn, or be trained in, the optimal method of usage. Files generated will be stored for future analysis and retrieval. This usually results in the creation of a file system either on a single computer or on a computer network. Mostly, the Microsoft default file structure format (My Documents) is used or modified to suit a particular purpose.

Often documents are also printed and paper copies stored in filing cabinets for physical retrieval.

Office 365 offers a low cost, simple to use alternative to this process that can be implemented by individuals with little or no technical knowledge beyond that of using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Additionally Office 365 delivers functionality that enables a business to operate at a much higher level of efficiency and significantly lower cost.


Chris Watkins I've been an IT professional for over thirty years. Most of that time has been spent helping large organisations with the evaluation, installation and maintenance of business software applications.
I have a wealth of knowhow on the subject of data management.
Advice is free and so are basic templates. If you need more just ask. I only charge for actual work done.
Contact - Tel: 01392 58 0420 email: